Help and Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an account cost? Do you offer premium accounts?

All user accounts are free. There are no premium accounts. We believe actors should not have to pay yearly fees to receive casting opportunities.

Can I add my child or another family member to my account?

Yes. Each user account is associated with at least one talent profile, and additional profiles can be added to the same account (e.g. for family members). Each talent profile may have up to 10 headshots, a résumé, relevant demographic details, and contact information specific for that talent.

What can I do with an account and talent profile(s)?

The intent of the database is to make it easy for actors to submit for roles, get email and text alerts when booked, and coordinate with casting directors. By creating a talent profile, you will be able to see what projects are coming up that might be right for you, and submit to be considered for those roles.

What will you do with my email address?

When you create your talent profile, you will need to provide at least one valid email address. Your email address will be added to our mailing list, which we use to post notices of upcoming casting opportunities, as well as occasional emails of other acting-related Twin Cities events that may be of interest to our talent. We will also use your email address (and phone number, if you opt to receive text messages) to notify you when you are booked for a role.

How can I find out about open roles?

When you create your talent profile, your email address is automatically added to our mailing list. All new roles are announced via the mailing list.

How do I submit for a role?

If there are open roles, at the top of your talent profile you will see the words "Click here to view and submit for open roles." (the bar surrounding these words will be a different color depending on whether you match the demographic criteria for one of the open roles). Clicking those words will reveal a listing of available roles. Roles highlighted in green indicate that you match the demographic criteria for the role; other roles will be highlighted in red with the conflicting criteria shown.

To submit for a particular role, click the link on the right side of the window that says “Submit for this role” and choose a headshot, then click the submission confirmation button at the bottom of the window.

Can I submit for more than one role in a project?

Yes. You may submit for any number of roles in a project.

What happens after I submit for a role?

After submitting for a role, talent names and headshots are sent to the producers, who will choose who they’d like to book. We also put a number of talent on standby in the event that a booked actor has to cancel.

Bookings are not immediate, and may take several days or weeks from the submission for the role and when the production provides Jordan Extras Casting with a list of talent names that they’d like to book.

Often, there are many more submissions than there are roles available. Additionally, Jordan Extras Casting typically does not have control over who or when the production chooses to book. If you are booked or placed on standby, you will be able to see the status of your submission, as well as booking details, on your talent profile page.

What does it mean to be "booked" or on "standby"?

Being "booked" means that the production casting team has chosen you to be one of their actors on set. Being on "standby" means that you are on-call in case one of the booked actors needs to decline or cancel. If you are on standby, you will receive all the same information as the booked talent, except you won't show up to set unless you are "activated".

If you are booked or put on standby for a role, you will receive an email with confirmation instructions. In this email will be a confirmation link that you must click in order to confirm you are accepting your status for the role. Scheduling information (including approximate call times) will be included both in the email and on the confirmation page on the website. Once final call information is provided to Jordan Extras Casting by the production, a final call information email will be sent that has a second confirmation link.

If you find out you are booked for a role but are no longer available on the shooting date, you may "decline" the role without any adverse effect. If you are booked for a role and accept it, then later need to back out of your commitment, this is considered "canceling." We do keep a record of cancellations, so make sure you are doing so for a good reason. Standby talent may decline a role, even if they've previously confirmed, up until the point at which they are activated.

If you accept a role and do not cancel, you are expected to be on set. If you are running late, you should call the on-set contact phone number, provided in the booking email. If you are a no-call/no-show, that reflects negatively upon Jordan Extras Casting and may affect future booking opportunities. Being a no-call/no-show also deprives someone else on standby of the opportunity to be activated/booked.

What if I need to cancel at last minute (within 24 hours of the shoot)?

Cancellation information is available in the call information under the “view/submit for roles” section of the website (available by clicking the green bar at the top of the talent profile). It can also be found in the booking email. Call the cancellation number provided there. We do keep a record of last-minute cancellations, so make sure you are doing so for a good reason.

After being booked for a role, how long will it be until I receive payment for my work?

This varies quite a bit, but is usually around 4-6 weeks. It takes a month or more to get a master check from production, after which it takes our bank 7 days to print and mail individual checks to actors/extras.

Do you charge an agency fee?

No. Rather than taking a cut of our talent's pay, we bill the production for our services separately. This means that whatever pay is advertised for a role, is what you'll actually be paid.

I'm an agent, how do I submit my talent?

At this time, we do not have a way for agents to use the website. This is on our radar and may be added as a feature in a future update of the website, but for now all talent must be self-submitted.

How do I change my talent profile name?

Please email with your new name and we can change it for you.

Do you offer acting classes?

We do not offer acting classes at this time, however we would be happy to connect you with some our industry contacts who offer classes.

Why didn't I receive a casting notice?

Sometimes a casting notice might land in your spam folder. The best way to prevent this is to whitelist our mailing list. Here are specific step-by-step instructions for whitelisting with Gmail, though other email services should have similar settings available. While logged into your Gmail account, click the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose "Settings". In the settings tabs, click on "Filters and Blocked Addresses", then when that tab opens, click "Create a new filter". Paste in "" in the "From" box, and click "Create filter with this search" in the lower right of that box. In the next window choose "Never send it to Spam", about 2/3 down the list, then click the blue "Create filter" button. This should (hopefully) prevent future notices from landing in your spam folder.

My question wasn't answered here, how can I get help?

Because we are providing this service for free, we ask that users do their best to troubleshoot problems on their own. However, if no solution can be found, email for assistance, and we will reply as soon as possible. We are unable to offer phone support; please do not call anyone at Jordan Extras Casting for help with database-related issues. Also, please do not email asking when booking decisions will be made, why you were not booked for a role, or to accept, decline, or cancel from a role.

How can I request a feature, or report a bug?

If you have an idea for a feature, or if you find a problem with the database that is affecting usability of the system, let us know! Please email to report the bug or request a feature for a future version.